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  18 Jan 2016
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Tony Dennis' Mobile Insights
 incorporating GoMo News

 Mobile Network Operators [MNOs]

As BT gets away with it, 3UK faces restrictions on O2 deal. Dominant broadband player buys two former MNOs but smallest stifled. Continue reading ...

EE online store fails to impress. Could even help to damage the BT brand. Continue reading ...

MNOs must unite to confront iPhone migration issues. The real obstacle is protected iTunes music. Continue reading ...

BT looks set to acquire EE. Biggest threat is to potential new MVNOs. Continue reading ...

Amazon accidentally comes to rescue of EEs store. UK MNO's online store leaves a lot to be desired. Continue reading ...

Mobile Payments

HSBC knows something about apple pay we don't. Why was iPay specifically mentioned in lost card report? Continue reading...

Guest Post -  Pay wars heat up. By Maxime de Nanclas, COO with Mobeewave. Contactless P2P payments could mean victory. Continue reading ...

We accidentally place a bet using Payforit. Pen in pocket bets with i.wintheprize.uk.  Continue reading ...

 IoT - Internet of Things

Strand Consult's 2016 predictions match our thinking. Especially when it comes to Nokia, the IoT and mobile payments. Continue reading ...

What forms of Oyster contactless payments TfL actually supports. You need the right question to get the right answer for London transportation Continue reading ...


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